About Us

A web based full-service 3D, AR, & VR platform for ecommerce

Who We Are

Meet the team working on the future of augmented reality ecommerce.

Eric Prince
Co-Founder & CEO
Casper Fabricius
Co-Founder & CTO
Yoni Binstock
Senior Web AR/VR Engineer
Henri Lee
Head of Sales

Our Vision

The Internet is one of the most significant inventions to modern humans and ushered in the Information Age. Since its inception, the user interface has been 2D, until now.

We are entering the next paradigm shift with volumetric spatial computing. A 3D mixed reality interface available in real time wherever the web is accessible. With new satellite Internet technologies and soon 5G upgrades to current infrastructures making it omnipresent. Cimmerse is using its vision and expertise to realize the no barrier, democratization of knowledge, industry, and ubiquitous real time computing.

We are futurists and visionaries realizing this amazing opportunity today! We look forward to finding like minded partners to add to our journey in becoming the next web leader.

Where to Meet Us

Conferences and events where we'll be giving talks and exhibiting our product.