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Cimmerse increases conversion with web-based 3D VR AR visualization that plugs right into your website.
Seeing is believing!
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The future is now
Conversion rate
Convert more browsers to buyers with beautiful product visualization.
Delight your customers with a fresh experience in 3D, AR & VR.
Competitive advantage
Differentiate yourself from competitors by being ahead of the curve.
Fewer returns
Improve your return rate by letting customers see all details before they buy.

How it works
Photorealistic 3D scans
We help you digitize your products into highly realistic, true 3D models.
3D on any device
We provide the platform that lets your customers see your products in 3D on any device with a web browser.
Perfect for mobile
Cimmerse is designed and built for mobile use. Mobile phones, mobile AR, mobile VR. We love mobile!
Augmented & Virtual Reality support
Our platform can give your customers a brand new and completely immersive experience exploring your products in virtual reality.

How we are different
Web-based AR & VR
Downloading an app is a major obstacle to conversion. Our instantly available web-based AR & VR solution runs directly in the browser.
Highest degree of realism
We are experts in photogrammetry and 3D digitizations. We don’t settle for computer-generated visuals. Our 3D models are so realistic people reach out to touch them.
We collect valuable information about customer behaviour in 3D and VR and make it available to you.
Buy from AR & VR
Your customer can initiate and complete the checkout flow without ever leaving augmented or virtual reality.

How to use it
3D, AR & VR catalog
A selection of your products digitized into 3D models on a page designed by you, but fully hosted and managed by us. Link to your 3D, AR & VR catalog from anywhere with links back to your website to complete the purchase.
Webshop plugin
Complement or replace product photos with 3D models, AR and VR in your existing webshop. We plug right into leading ecommerce platforms.
Customized integration
We can help you integrate our 3D, AR and VR solution into your custom-built ecommerce solution tailored specifically to your needs. We offer both light-weight client-side integration and deep, API-based server-side integration.

Our story

The Web is one of the most significant inventions to modern humans and ushered in the Information Age. Since it’s inception the user interface has been 2D, until now.

We are now entering the next paradigm shift with volumetric computing. A 3D mixed reality interface available in real time wherever the web is accessible. With new satellite Internet technologies and current infrastructure making it omnipresent.

Cimmerse is using its vision and expertise to realize the no barrier, democratization, of knowledge, industry and ubiquitous real time computing.

Where to meet us
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March 2018
Landing Festival
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